Integration of portable, energy efficient computing devices with clothing results in possibilities of wear-ware. Wearable network is composed of tiny interactive devices, which is highly appealing now a day’s. A wearable body area network (WBAN) is the emerging technology that is developed for wearable monitoring application.

Wireless body area networks are designed for remote patient monitoring such that they can be worn and monitor physiological signals and transmit these to specialized medical servers without much interference to the daily routine of the patient. Wearable wireless monitoring systems can provide continuous vital signs data, as well as better information regarding the general health of individuals. In this research, we study the possibility of applying Internet of Things via wearables for monitoring and informing both the patient and the medical caregivers (e.g., doctors and nurses) when the patient is outside the hospital environment.

Research Partners:
Department of Information Technology, University of Turku, Finland (IT-UTU)
iPack VINN Excellence Center, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden (iPack-KTH)
Department of Nursing Science, University of Turku, Finland (NS-UTU)
Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine, University of Turku, Finland
Division of Perioperative Services, Intensive Care Medicine and Pain Management, Turku University Hospital, Finland (TOTEK-UTU)
Department of Information Technology, Fudan University, China (IT-Fudan)