Two Internship positions are available in the Department of Future Technologies / Embedded Electronics:

Internship position 1: Medical data analytics and IoT

Required basic skills:
MATLAB or programming skills (Python), knowledge in digital signal processing, machine learning and pattern recognition.

Job description:
Internet of Things enabled healthcare provides connection between things (i.e., wearable and environmental objects) in order to enhance healthcare services and subsequently the quality of life. Heterogeneous medical and environmental data (e.g., vital signs, physical activity and environment data) can be collected continuously via various sensors. In order to utilize the full potential of the collected information, data analytics is needed. The intern is expected to work closely with the existing team in various medical data analytics tasks.

Internship position 2: Internet of Things based system development for healthcare

Required basic skills:
Programming skills (C or C++) and embedded system development, understanding of communication protocols and real-time operating systems. Experience in wireless sensor networks (WSN) is a plus.

Job description:
The impact of Internet of Things in healthcare is growing steadily, having numerous applications from remote monitoring to smart sensors and medical device integration. IoT in healthcare has the potential to not only keep patients safe and healthy, but to improve how physicians deliver care and improve the quality of life as well. The intern is expected to work closely with the existing team in developing the hardware, middleware and software for IoT based medical case study application.

The length of internship is three months between May-August (will be agreed with the supervisor). The salary will be 1.187 euros / month.

Applicants should enclose with their application a CV and a transcript of study records.

If you are applying several internships in the Department of Future Technologies, put them in the order of preference.

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Applications must be submitted no later than 24 April 2017 via the electronic application form of the University of Turku. Link: Apply for the job